Amy Weiss

Lou Weiss

As the Weissest of Them All at Weisslines, Amy is in charge of sales, customer service, and running the company. Under her leadership, Weisslines has developed a reputation for creative and fun representation of exciting and high-styled commercial interior finishes.

A native Pittsburgher, Amy is a graduate of Wightman Elementary School, Taylor Allderdice High School and Chatham College, where she majored in education. She worked as an executive at Kaufmanns (now Macy's) for a decade and for another ten years at Weisshouse. Along the way, she raised four lovely and gifted daughters, whom she continues to nurture.

Amy has an active volunteer life and has served on the boards, or as president, of several charities and non-profit groups. With her husband Lou, she has led several trips to Israel. Amy is a fabulous cook. And make sure, when you meet her, to ask her to demonstrate her juggling skills.


Lou is the Vice-Weiss of Weisslines, where he aids his wife Amy (The Weissest of Them All) by carrying samples, helping with project management, and dealing with technical issues.

A graduate of John Minadeo Elementary School and Taylor Allderdice High School, Lou attended Kenyon College in Ohio where he was a drama major. Realizing that he could not act and really wasn't that smart, Lou joined Weisshouse, the family home furnishings business, where he worked for 25 years before transferring his interest to his sister Stacy. In his time as a dealer, Lou carpeted the two largest "green" buildings in the world.

Being a bleeding-heart conservative, Lou has volunteered with several charities and those non-profit groups that could stand him. He is a fellow of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and has led several missions to Israel.


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